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Blooming Into New Opportunities: Rushville Autism Clinic

Hi BTL Fam! We are so excited about the announcement of our NEW Autism Clinic located in Rush County! As we flourish a new clinic location, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for BTL! When we embarked on this endeavor, we decided to take terms such as “blooming”, “flourishing”, and “new roots” […]

Preparing for Summer: Swim Safety

Summer is near and the weather is warm! ☀️  Warmer weather calls for a way to cool down. What better way to do so then a fun day at the pool or beach! 🏖 Swimming is one of the best parts of summer and is highly preferred by most children. However, when swimming with children, […]

Taking a look into: A career in ABA

When first exploring the field of ABA, some of us lack knowledge of what ABA is or the significance it holds in our families’ lives. To be honest, I had never heard of ABA before beginning my career and was initially, simply looking for a job to fill up my time between my college classes. […]

Let’s Learn ABA: Proactive Behavior Strategies

Tantrums, Elopement, Aggression. You may be all too familiar with these terms, along with several other behaviors that you find difficult to handle in your daily life. Are you asking yourself how you can respond to these behaviors?  Or maybe, you are looking for strategies you can do after your loved one struggles with these. […]

BTL 2022 Covid-19 Update

Hi BTL Fam! As we continue our trek on the COVID-19 journey, we want to ensure we are regularly updating our COVID-19 information and updating our families with the latest information. We strive to keep our families, employees, and anyone involved with BTL as safe as possible. Our team continues to monitor and review the […]

Hand Washing Printable

As we continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that teaching essential skills (like hand washing) are important for the safety and well-being of our families and friends. We hope that you find this visual helpful when working on hand washing! Hand Washing If your child(ren) struggle with hand washing, feel free to […]

Let’s Learn ABA: Imitation

We’ve heard the phrase Learning is doing and doing is learning. But have you considered that learning is also copying?! Growing up, many of us learned to do the tasks we do today from watching others and copying them. For me, I know how to make some of my grandma’s famous recipes because I watched […]

Let’s Learn ABA: Listener Responding

Hi BTL Fam! Do you remember the game “Simon Says”? You know the one where “Simon” tells you to do different things and if you don’t follow the directions, then you’re out! We have probably all played this game at least once in our lives. Unfortunately, many kiddos with ASD have difficulties playing this game […]

COVID-19 Tool Kit

Please feel free to use this tool kit to make COVID-19 Quarantine easier to navigate! We recommend trying these different resources for all of your needs during this difficult. BTL COVID Tool KIt We encourage you to reach out to BTL if there are any addition resources you may find beneficial.

BTL Family Traditions

Everyone has that one tradition they do every Christmas. It may be snuggling up watching Christmas movies, opening 1 present Christmas Eve, or even something silly! We asked Team BTL what their favorite family traditions are. We love getting to learn more about our BTL families and share precious stories everyone has! Here is what […]