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Televisable ABA and BTL

Throughout our years servicing the Autism community, we have always found one consistent consideration. Change is inevitable. With change comes a commitment to exploring, learning, and adopting new ideas. In the field of ABA, we are constantly adapting to changes around us. With these adaptations, BTL prides ourselves in delivering evidenced-based ABA with a “new”approach. […]

At Home Social Skills: Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Happy Earth Day! We have created this FREE scavenger hunt for you and your children to complete. Enjoy some time together by walking around the neighborhood, park, or backyard! During this time, try incorporating skills such as: Listener Responding Find the leaf Where is the rock Go to the door Tact (labeling) What color is […]

Let’s learn ABA: Daily Social Skills

Social Skills are often an area that learners with ASD struggle with. These areas include engaging in conversations, understanding common social cues, or interacting with peers. Many of these areas, we find necessary to successfully connect with the world around us. Fortunately, these skills can be easily addressed daily and incorporated into a regular routine. […]

Picking the perfect ABA provider? Eight essential questions to consider!

The prevalence and options for an ABA provider are increasing every year. While this allows more families to obtain a provider, it also presents a new challenge for families. Choosing an ABA provider can be a stressful, worrisome, and difficult task for parents and caregivers. However, being prepared with the tools you need can help […]

Eight Essential Questions to Consider: BTL Responds

We provided questions to consider when choosing your ABA provider, but now it’s our turn to answer those questions for you! BTL consultants recommend these questions, because to us, it is important that you have a provider who values these questions and will be sure to make these areas a priority in your child’s treatment! […]

How to Holiday: 2023

Hi BTL Fam! We have already reached the end of the year! What a year it has been. We are so thankful for another holiday season to celebrate and end the year with. Joy, happiness, and cheer fill the end of the year. However, some of us know all too well the stress, the unpredictability, […]

BTL Unplugs!

Computers, iPads, Phones. Let’s face it, we would be lost without them. Many of us intertwine 2 or 3 different devices into our days for both work and leisure purposes. While it is no question that these electronics have quickly become an essential part of our daily lives, we might sometimes question what we would […]

How to: Incorporate ABA into your daily life

Hi BTL Fam! ABA practices are so easily incorporated into your daily life! Check out some of our suggestions on how you can use many of our tools at home for yourself! Incorporate ABA into your daily life

Blooming Into New Opportunities: Rushville Autism Clinic

Hi BTL Fam! We are so excited about the announcement of our NEW Autism Clinic located in Rush County! As we flourish a new clinic location, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for BTL! When we embarked on this endeavor, we decided to take terms such as “blooming”, “flourishing”, and “new roots” […]

Preparing for Summer: Swim Safety

Summer is near and the weather is warm! ☀️  Warmer weather calls for a way to cool down. What better way to do so then a fun day at the pool or beach! 🏖 Swimming is one of the best parts of summer and is highly preferred by most children. However, when swimming with children, […]