Blooming Into New Opportunities: Rushville Autism Clinic

Hi BTL Fam!

We are so excited about the announcement of our NEW Autism Clinic located in Rush County! As we flourish a new clinic location, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for BTL!

When we embarked on this endeavor, we decided to take terms such as “blooming”, “flourishing”, and “new roots” and use them to describe the opening of this clinic. Understandably, these words help to describe growth, but to us they mean more than that! For us, this isn’t any new development or addition of a building. We think of it as our garden of opportunity growing and thriving in the soil we started in.

BTL started our garden of ABA in 2013. As most gardens begin, we started with tilling up our location. Starting in Shelby County and expanding our acreage into other areas. Before we knew it, we were providing services in and surrounding Shelby, Bartholomew, Johnson, Hancock, and Rush County! As we planted our seeds, we began to see these different areas grow. Since our fist tilling, we have expanded into areas all across central and southeastern Indiana. It was and continues to be, a great start for BTL with our home and community based ABA services.

As our garden grew, we felt as if there were areas that may need more tending. Being located in rural Indiana counties, it quickly became apparent that a clinic location may be the fertilizer we needed to help our garden grow. BTL opened the doors to our first clinic location in 2019. The first 5 years of our garden helped to develop a strong soil base and foundation for the next step. With the addition of our Shelbyville Clinic, we realized we were onto something! The growth of our Shelbyville Clinic allowed us to see how beneficial a central location can be for many rural families. As we continued to offer in-home and community based services, our very unique clinic model allowed us to provide even more families with the support they needed. Our small town community came together to help our ABA garden flourish even more!

This leads us to the decision to open a second clinic location in Rush County. We began to notice this area needed more of that same “fertilizer” that helped Shelby County. As our home based service waitlist grew, we realized that it was “beyond” time for us to plant our roots again with Rushville’s first ABA clinic. In order for something to truly thrive, we must give it the additional supports it needs. Our goal for this region of our ABA garden is to help it bloom into a support that families in and near Rushville can utilize very intentionally.

While we continue to grow our garden, we remain committed to our locally-sourced, all natural, and compassionately grown ABA model. Our roots are planted within a natural environment approach of ABA; sourcing behavior change programs that remain positive, proactive, and productive!

For more information on our new clinic location, feel free to send us a message!