BTL Burger Bash

Hi BTL Fam!

BTL recently celebrated our team with a “Burger Bash”! This backyard BBQ was planned to have all of our employees get together and have a fun, relaxing night. We started the night off by enjoying some delicious burgers and hotdogs as well as several dishes the BTL family pitched in. And wow, they were all YUMMY. Who would’ve known our team members are also great cooks!

Although the weather was hot, it was a perfect time to get together and play some corn hole! We had a corn hole tournament after our pitch-in dinner. While some were new to the game and others were seasoned veterans, we all had a great time! Our very skilled winners were Melissa and Trevor Poe. Coming in a close second place were Danni Gillon and her Fiancé Nick Canter.

The night was filled with some funny stories, lots of laughs, and like always, making great memories. During the Burger Bash, awards were given for our BTL Techs and Consultants. These awards let us spotlight some of the best features we see in all of our staff. Although not everyone was able to make it, we were sure to celebrate how great our ENTIRE BTL family is!


Lainie: Most bubble award – for always being smiley and ready to to spread cheer

Brittany: Duct tape award – for being able to fix just about anything.

Anne: Egg Shell Award – for always cracking us up with her jokes and stories

Madison: Live WIre Award – for always being full of energy and enthusiasm

Heidi: Champagne Award – for the most sparkling personality  

Ashley: Wise Owl Award – for always being a person we can come to with question/concerns and always giving the best advice to our team

Kellie: Milky way award – for always setting an example for others by having quality work that is out of this world

Melissa: Sprinkles award – for always “sprinkling” positivity, encouragement and support across our team

Daniel: 3 Musketeers award – for always working well with others 

Emily: beach ball award – for always bouncing around new ideas

Aries: beyond the call of duty award (golden ticket) – for always going above and beyond across all categories 

Danni: life saver award – for always lending a helping hand