BTL Unplugs!

Computers, iPads, Phones. Let’s face it, we would be lost without them. Many of us intertwine 2 or 3 different devices into our days for both work and leisure purposes. While it is no question that these electronics have quickly become an essential part of our daily lives, we might sometimes question what we would do if these electronics weren’t there!

Many of our learners are accustomed to the use of an iPad for all reinforcement purposes. But what happens when the iPad dies, the wifi quits working, or we are without an electronic device to entertain ourselves? Some of our learners have a difficult time responding to different reinforcers that aren’t as motivating as screen time.

For this reason, we are encouraging all of BTL’s staff to take the week and “unplug” from as many electronics as possible. We are challenging our staff to use reinforcers that they may not always use. For example, teaching new card games, utilizing coloring pages, singing songs, etc.

Check out our “unplug” handout here and challenge yourself to unplug too! Unpluged Reinforcement