New Year: New Opportunities

Hi BTL Fam!

What a couple of months it has been! We survived the holidays, celebrated the new year, and are ready to hit the ground running for 2021. Last year taught us so much about how to be more innovative, challenge ourselves, and learn a new way to live our everyday lives. We’re taking what we learned, and moving onto 2021 with ambition for a great year!

BTL has been hustling and bustling these past couple of months in order to kick off our new year with some fresh ideas. Our BTL teams have been co-consulting together on programs to ensure each of our patient’s have a fresh set of eyes on behavior interventions, goals, and every day tasks. 2020 allowed us to expand our services creatively by using the power of technology to  increase our availability of our team across patients as well as to allow our families served and our team to remain safe. By co-consulting, our BCBAs, BCaBAs, and TCs take the opportunity to watch a session with our RBTs, write down notes, and make suggestions on how they can make each program even more successful! Collaborating together allows each program to have renewed ideas which gives each patient an opportunity to grow in multiple ways.

This past month, several consultants of our BTL team had the chance to participate in a virtual training concerning Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and learn more on how to benefit those who are utilizing a device (such as an iPad, tablet, or PECS system) to communicate. During this training, our consultants learned new ways to evoke communication, program AAC devices to benefit the speaker, and familiarize themselves with language often used in the Speech Therapy realm. If you want to learn more about what an AAC device is or have questions, check out “Let’s Learn ABA” for more information!

We are so glad to welcome 2021 and begin the year by learning and working together! Team BTL is ready for their best year yet and are so appreciative of the great team we have to work with!! We are always looking to grow and flourish the BTL family. If you are interested in collaborating with BTL or becoming a part of this awesome team, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Heidi Mann, BCBA, Outreach Consultant