September Training Day!

Hi BTL Fam!

Did you know that our team regularly attends companywide training days to catch up on the newest information, refresh our ABA skills, and most importantly, spend some time together?!? We recently had a training day where we met at our Shelbyville Clinic. BTL was closed to all patient sessions and used the whole day to gather together, expand our knowledge of ABA, and have lots of fun!

We started the morning catching up and eating some delicious donuts together! After breakfast, we broke off into groups. Our dual-role consultants were able to meet up and discuss ways to better BTL. Our consultants explored lots of “behind the scenes” topics including our intake process, family resources, and how we can continue to improve each BTL team. During this time, our behavior technicians and treatment consultants reviewed ABC data refresher, Natural Environment Teaching, and Antecedents and Consequences.

Afterwards, our teams reconvened to have lunch together with some yummy Jimmy Johns! We broke off into groups again after lunch. Our Treatment Consultants (TCs) gathered together and discussed tips and tricks with Catalyst. BTL utilizes Catalyst to gather data and develop our programs, in which each treatment consultant aids in writing programs and monitoring data collection. While our TCs talked all things Catalyst, our RBT’s and Behavior Technicians expanded their knowledge on stimulus control transfers, behavior momentum, and ignoring junk behavior.


After a full morning of learning and training on different ABA topics, it was time for some team bonding! Our whole team got together to play a few fun bonding games and we learned a lot about each other (with plenty of laughs as well)!

To wrap up our afternoon, we broke off into two groups. This time, we focused on our technicians learning new topics and getting a refreshment on quality ABA practices! Group One focused on: Behavior 101, increasing attending, and an ABA refresher on mixing and varying, errorless teaching, and error correction training. Whereas Group Two focused on: Reinforcement vs. Punishment, a refresher on the functions of behavior and how we identify these, and shaping/chaining procedures. Each group then had an opportunity to practice these skills with a consultant and ask any questions they had!

To end the day, our whole team moved over to MHP to train on car seat safety! This was a great learning opportunity for our entire BTL team. We all learned how to ensure car seats are correctly installed, as well as the different seats that should be used for different kiddos. Our team often transports patients as part of their programs and this training helped to ensure everyone is being as safe as possible when it comes to all things carseats!







Our training days are always filled with excitement and this one was no different! Everyone left with a smile on their face and a desire to implement their newly obtained knowledge at their next scheduled session!! We absolutely can’t wait until our next BTL Training Day. 

Heidi Mann, BCBA, Outreach Consultant