Televisable ABA and BTL

Throughout our years servicing the Autism community, we have always found one consistent consideration. Change is inevitable. With change comes a commitment to exploring, learning, and adopting new ideas.

In the field of ABA, we are constantly adapting to changes around us. With these adaptations, BTL prides ourselves in delivering evidenced-based ABA with a “new”approach.

Today we find ourselves incorporating different key components into our daily sessions. Our treatment sessions rest on the following foundations:

Compassionate and trauma assumed

    • What is Trauma Informed ABA?
      • Through trauma informed ABA we acknowledge that everyone has a history. Through this history, individuals may have endured mistreatment or micro-aggressions. We know that a person’s behavior will likely be affected from those past events which have occurred. With this in mind, trauma informed ABA makes it a priority to understand a person’s environment; Thus creating an understanding that history will impact a learners life and we must make our practices personalized and respectful to those additonal factors. 

A non-threatening  and safe environment in which the chance a problem behavior is not likely to occur

Focused on helping our patients achieve HRE:

    • Content to happy effect
    • Relaxed to jazzed demeanor
    • Engagement in preferred activities

Therefore…Televisable! We are proud of what we do and the skills we’re helping to develop! 


BTL and Compliance…

In ABA, our goal and priority should not be compliance.  Our goal should be to improve the quality of life for the individuals we’re working with and maximize their potential.

While instructional control is important in order to build and develop skill, this instructional control should be built from trust. Outcome is important, but how we GET to that outcome is just as important! 

So how do we build that compliance while also maximizing potential? We make our therapy FUN!! Focusing on HRE, helps our learners to feel comfortable while also encouraging them to complete the tasks we are incorporating. Many of BTL’s work sessions include running targets in a naturalistic and relaxed manner. These sessions include play-casting, incorporating language skills into arts and crafts activities, and targeting social skills on the playground!

Beyond The Label’s main commitment is to keep the best and safest learning environment possible for our clients at all times during the treatment session!  

As we continue to grow in the field of ABA, we encourage you to research more about a caring and compassionate approach to ABA and the benefits that come with it. While we will always remain true to our behavior change principles and uphold the foundations of ABA, we will do so in a meaningful and TELEVISABLE manner.