Eight Essential Questions to Consider: BTL Responds

We provided questions to consider when choosing your ABA provider, but now it’s our turn to answer those questions for you! BTL consultants recommend these questions, because to us, it is important that you have a provider who values these questions and will be sure to make these areas a priority in your child’s treatment!

Find BTL’s responses below:

Where will sessions take place?

Sessions will occur in multiple settings. Pending on your child’s needs and your preference, BTL can offer clinic, in-home, community, and school based programs to ensure your child’s program is individualized!

Sessions will occur across those settings which may be important for your child to interact in. BTL offers skill generalization by incorporating community outings, field trips, and social sessions with transportation provided by BTL.

How does the provider determine the number of treatment hours my child will receive?

Our initial intake meeting, completed by our Patient Intake and Integrity Consultant or other BTL Consultant, allows us to complete an initial assessment and interview. With these results, our team will analyze the data and determine a recommended number of treatment hours. Treatment hours will vary based on your child’s needs.

What will family involvement entail?

BTL requires that all families engage in regular family support training sessions. The location of training, frequency of support sessions, and training topics will all be individualized to your families needs, availability, and requests.

Our team of consultants is dedicated to identifying your family’s unique learning style and providing tailor-made educational experiences. Let us help you discover the best learning opportunities for you and your loved one by cultivating a customized learning opportunity for your family. 

What is the process for terminating services and ensuring a smooth transition to other environments?

BTL recommends at least a 3 month transition period. This will allow us to incorporate generalization across settings and participants, additional family support trainings, and ensure a smooth transition occurs.

In order to establish a successful transition, BTL will help you and your family access additional supports outside of BTL. We are always excited to collaborate with other providers, including physicians, teachers, speech, or other individuals you may request!

How is data collected and analyzed to monitor my child’s progress?

BTL utilizes the program “Catalyst” via an iPad to collect daily session data. This data is downloaded onto a secure and HIPPA compliant online program that is overseen by the patient’s behavior analyst and consultant team to review, analyze, and track any data, behavior graphs, and session notes. Our online data collection can easily be downloaded to share with parents or other approved caregivers and providers!

Will I see my BCBA in-person or will BCBA support only be remote?

BTL provides in-person BCBA support while incorporating remote opportunities as a tool. Most BCBA support will occur in-person in order to work productively with your child and BTL’s team. Any remote support will be utilized to provide additional supervision, check in on a program or allow collaboration between other BTL consultants! You can expect see your child’s BCBA supporting your child weekly/bi-weekly based on your child’s needs!

What does the day to day session typically look like?

While each session will look different each day, a “typical” day will consist of your child working 1:1 with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). During the session, the RBT will be incorporating behavior change programs in a naturalistic and compassionate manner. Whether this is sitting at a table, hanging out in their favorite spot, or heading out into the community, our BTL team incorporates different program areas to increase, maintain, and generalize appropriate behaviors and to reduce interfering or mal-adaptive behaviors.

How long have you been serving in _____(town name) / my community?

BTL is thankful to have serviced multiple different areas across central and southeastern Indiana for over 10 years! Throughout these 10 years, we have allowed ourselves to maintain our locally-sourced, all natural, and compassionately grown ABA model. Our roots are planted within a natural environment approach of ABA; sourcing behavior change programs that remain positive, proactive, and productive!