Picking the perfect ABA provider? Eight essential questions to consider!

The prevalence and options for an ABA provider are increasing every year. While this allows more families to obtain a provider, it also presents a new challenge for families. Choosing an ABA provider can be a stressful, worrisome, and difficult task for parents and caregivers. However, being prepared with the tools you need can help make the search easier!

We have listed out a few questions that our team of BTL Consultants recommend to consider when choosing your ABA provider:

  1. Where will sessions take place?
    • Will there be an opportunity for skills to be generalized to the community?
      • If so will the company provide transportation or will parents need to provide this?
  2. How does the provider determine the number of treatment hours my child will receive?
  3. What will family involvement entail? 
    • How often will parent training and support occur and in what setting will this occur?
    • Is the ABA provider considerate of your whole child’s wellbeing and how ABA will effectively blend with your entire family?
  4. Will I see my BCBA in-person or will BCBA support only be remote?
    • In general, how often would I expect to see their BCBA each month?
  5. How is data collected and analyzed to monitor my child’s progress?
  6. What does the day to day session typically look like?
  7. What is the process for terminating services and ensuring a smooth transition to other environments?
    • Do you have resources to recommend when transitioning?, are you open to collaboration?
  8. How long have you been serving in _____(town name) / my community?
    • Does the provider value a local, ABA perspective for your child’s care?  

Consider answering these questions for yourself first so you might know what you are looking for. Are you flexible with some of these answers being different than what you initially answered or are there areas you are more concerned about than others? It is important to remember that if you have concerns, questions, or any uncertainties, bring these up to the ABA provider and see how they can work with you. Be confident in your choice as you know your child best and you have the ability to choose!

Want a printout to keep on hand? Use our free resource! 8 questions to consider when choosing an ABA provider

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