Preparing for Summer: Swim Safety

Summer is near and the weather is warm! ☀️  Warmer weather calls for a way to cool down. What better way to do so then a fun day at the pool or beach! 🏖

Swimming is one of the best parts of summer and is highly preferred by most children. However, when swimming with children, parents and caregivers must take proper precautions for swim safety skills. This is especially important for individuals with Autism. Many children with Autism do not recognize the dangers associated with water and the safety measures that must be taken when swimming.

BTL has created the following visual to help promote water safety measures and awareness on this topic:

Safe Swimming

Safe Swimming Tips:
  • Never allow a child to swim alone
  • Stay focused on your child when swimming
  • Have your child wear a life jacket, even if they aren’t swimming
  • Place clear instructions when at the pool or lake (i.e “Hold my hand”, “walk by me”, “Wear your life jacket”, “walk slowly” etc.)
  • Keep your child within arms reach when near water
  • Praise behaviors such as staying with an adult or not running into the water.

When preparing a child to swim, it is best to make any rules or expectations clear. Visual representation of these rules can be very helpful.

Early swim lessons also help to decrease the risk of drowning. Find local resources such as early start swim lessons or adaptive swim lessons to enroll your child in.

Social stories may also benefit a learner to help understand swimming safety. Social stories work to break down concepts that may be more easily understood. You can find a social story over swimming here: I Like to Swim

Swimming is one of the best activities to have fun, cool off, and enjoy summer. Safe Swimming is the best way to swim. Being proactive by using the above suggestions will help to keep everyone safer this summer!